Saturday, September 5, 2009

Baby On The Way

We recieved a phone call on Thursday Night about 10:00 that Olivia and Mason's Birthmom is pregnant and wanted us to adopt the baby. We are so excited it's hard to believe. She is due on October 1st. Because Mason was born 6 weeks early and Olivia was born 3 weeks early it really could happen anytime. We hope to be able to find out what the baby is before it is born. Alot to prepare for in a short amount of time. Both of the kids are very excited.


Amy said...

Hi Guys,
Im so excited for you guys that is so awesome! I hope you can get everything done before you have to leave! Congrats!

Love Amy

Lorilee said...

Yea for you guys. I ams o thrilled. I can hardly wait for your reutrn home with your little darling. Please post as soon as possible. Hip Hip Hooray!