Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cruise to Mexico

Me and Burton had the opportunity to go on a Cruise to Catalina Island, and Ensenada Mexico with our Best Friends Craig and Heather. We were on our ship from July 11-15. We had the most amazing time while on our Cruise. We had the best service while on and off of our Cruise.
Every night we ate dinner at the Elation dining room with the same people every night. We shared our table with a really nice couple from Vietnam. They have lived in North Hollywood for 20 years though. Our waiter was so much fun, his name is Po and he is from Taiwan. He loved to tease Heather so much, it was funny. Both him and his wife work on the the same cruise ship. 

Driving in Catalina Island (Avalon, CA)
Our first port we stopped at was Catalina Island. We was a very cute little town. All of the people who live there get around on golf carts.
We rented a gold cart for 1 hour and toured the town. It is a beautiful clean place tucked into the mountain side. The town people were really proud of there town. While we were driving around we saw a Golf Cart Tow Truck, it was so funny. It was the same size as all the other golf carts only it had a tow cable on the back of it. We also saw a Fed Ex Golf Cart.
We went on a Glass Bottom Boat also and saw a lot of fish through the bottom of the boat. We bought fish food and fed the fish. It was fun to see them swarm to us as soon as the food was dropped.

La Bufadora Ensenada Mexico
 Our second port we went to was Ensenda Mexico. It was a really interesting place to visit. You could tell it was more poverty stricken. We rented a car and drove about 45 mintues to see a blow whole. There aren't very many of them throughout the united states. It is called the LaBufadora. It was really neat to see how the water builds up and shoots up.
On our way to the LaBufadora there was this flea market with locals running these shops. It was crazy. They took advantage of us tourist and how much they wanted to charge for there items. I found that the best price was the price they gave you and your walking away. While there I bought Olivia and Gracie a cute mexican dress, Olivia a purse that said Ensenada, Mason a shirt with the LaBufadora on it, and an Ensenda Magnet. The restroom situation there was interesting. If you need to go you either paid to use the semi sanitary restroom and held it in.
Craig enjoying a drink out of a cantelope in Ensenada Mexico
The Cruise ship people warned us not to drink the water, we truned around and Craig was drinking a drink out of a cantelope. I reminded him about the Mexican water and he said it wasn't made with water. I said is it made of ice, he said YES.

This is our last night on the ship getting to watch the last Cruise Paradise Dancers. They were incredible entertainers. Every night the show was something different, and it was really good.

We had the best time on the cruise and can't wait until we can go again. Craig and Heather were a lot of fun to go with. I highly recommend going on a cruise if you have never been. Next time we go we will make sure we take walkie talkie's with us though. Thanks to Ashlee Stout and My mom for watching and taking good care of my kids while we were gone. We couldn't have done it without Ashlee's help. THANK YOU!!!

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