Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Member to the Family

So we have purchased a new vehicle. We are very thrilled about it, the kids are so excited for it to get here. We should have it on Friday Night. Our sweet friends are driving it here from Mesa, AZ for us.


Amy said...

love your new ride! maybe you will need a passenger endorsement to drive it so the passengers will be safe! LOL :) The nanny will be looking forward to driving it... hehe... im glad you were able to get a good one! I love my expedition was so nice but a gas guzzler for sure... im glad to see it wasn't a kitten.. LOL :) love you!

ashleestout said...

i'm loving it too because now I feel like a millionare in there "old" van. I've never had a cooler or heater or a car that can go to A and B and C! LOVE IT!