Thursday, February 24, 2011

Before and After

We went and walked through a house that use to be owned by us. We lived in this house when we first moved to Hurricane, it was a cute little house at one time. We turned into a rental and moved to the north side of town. Unfortunatley the renters did a lot of damage on the place. We were lucky enough to sell it while it was being rented. The new owners tore down all but 2 walls and rebuilt the house. So here are some before pictures. (reminder these were not taken while we lived there)

And here is the after. This is a beautiful house, I couldn't believe the difference in the home. The fireplace was removed, the bedrooms all have there own bathroom. Each bathroom is huge, the closets are all walk in closets.

The kitchen is beautiful. All custom built kitchen cabinets with granite countertops.

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