Monday, January 5, 2009


We really had a wonderful Christmas. The kids make Christmas so much fun, they were very excited to see what Santa had brought for them. Mom woke everyone up at 7 am so the kids would have time to play with their toys before going to the Grandparents house.

Olivia and Mason both really like their gifts from Santa. Olivia loved her Doll House and the fact that it is a lot taller than her. It also came with all of the doll furniture and an elevator. Mason couldn't believe his eyes when he saw the train table, he was so excited. Olivia was ready to go open presents when Mason just wanted to stay and play with his train table. We had to bribe him to go into the family room to open presents. In between opening his presents he would run off and go play with the train table. I think Santa was a big pleaser for Olivia and Mason this year.

Olivia got all of the High School Musical Dolls, and Mason got a huge fire truck.We really downgraded with the presents this year. It was nice not to be overwhelmed.
Santa was kind and brought our family a Ninteno Wii and 3 games. It has been really fun.We hope you had a wonderful Christmas also.

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mommy princess said...

Your kids are both adorable. I'm so happy for you all that it worked out for you to have two deserving angels come to your home. Kids are what life is all about. You're a great mom and your kids are so blessed to have you.