Thursday, October 23, 2008


Today I took Olivia over to Washington and had her hair braided. There is a African American women that does hair braiding for a living. Olivia hates getting her hair done every morning, so I decided to have it braided to see how she likes it. It took 2 1/2 hours for the lady to braid Olivia's hair. She was so good to sit and get her hair done. I told Olivia if she was good I would buy her a Barbie of her choice.

So after she was all done I took her to Wal*Mart and she picked out this cute Sleeping Beauty barbie. Bribery works every time, haha. We shouldn't have to do Olivia's hair now for one month. YEAH!!!


fourangels said...

Sometimes bribery is the only thing that keeps you AND her sane! Keep me posted on how it stays in. I can't believe a whole month. Wow! I would have a lot of extra time not having to do 3 heads of hair! She looks cute! Does she like it?

Tiffani said...

Not only do you not have to do hair but she looks darling.

SpecialK said...

she looks so cute! I wish I could do that to Liz's hair and not have to worry about it for a month. But her's is so fin that it would look horrible after the first night of sleeping on it.